PCCC ‘18 Sessions and Speakers

Special Keynotes

Patrick Kochanek, MD, FCCM: Pearls of Publishing in Pediatric Critical Care- Perspective from 18 Years as the Editor of PCCM

Mark Rogers, MD, MBA: Origins of Pediatric Intensive Care

David G. Nichols, MD, MBA: Pediatric Critical Care and the American Board of Pediatrics: Past, Present and Future

Special Pro-Con Debate

“Subspecialization in Pediatric Critical Care: Essential or Dividing our Forces?”

Robert Tasker, MBBS, MD and Darren Klugman, MD
Zena Leah Harris, MD and Michael Spaeder, MD

Alphabet Soup of PICU Consortiums

Ira M. Cheifetz, MD

J. Michael Dean, MD, MBA

Michael Gaies, MD, MPH

Vinay M. Nadkarni, MD

Neuroinflammation in the PICU: From bench to bedside

Jessica Carpenter, MD

Nicole Coufal, MD, PhD

Ryan Felling, MD, PhD

Elizabeth Tucker, MD

Liberating the Critically Ill Child

Karen Choong, MB, BCh, MSc, FRCP

Sapna R. Kudchadkar, MD, PhD

Tessie October, MD, MPH

Heidi A. Smith, MD, MSCI

Vasculopathy in the PICU

David J. Hackam, MD, PhD

Jennifer Lee-Summers, MD

Lewis Romer, MD

Kurt Stenmark, MD

The Evolution of Personalized Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the PICU

Jordan Duval-Arnold, MPH, DrPH

Ericka L Fink, MD, MS

Robert Sutton, MD

Alexis Topjian, MD, MSCE

The New PICU

James Fackler, MD

Carrie M. Henderson, MD

Charlene Leonard, ARNP

Jamie Schwartz, MD

Heart Failure Complicating Medical Conditions

Margaret Parker, MD, MCCM

Joseph Rossano, MD, MS, FAAP, FACC

Ethics in the PICU: Just because we can, should we?

Renee Boss, MD

Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH

Thomas A. Nakagawa, MD

Cynda H. Rushton, PHD, RN, FAAN